Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Items w/ Swatches and Reviews

Hi! Sorry it's been forever since I posted. Do you ever have those days where you go out looking for some new makeup, whether it be limited edition or new products to a line and you come up empty handed? I have those days a lot. But once in a great while I get lucky and find everything I'm looking for! That happened a couple weeks ago when I went out in search of the limited edition Wet n Wild trios and new Jordana items.

I found the new Wet n Wild Trios with the mascara at my local Kmart and was excited when they had 1 of the trio I wanted left! The display only had about 5 sets on it and if I remember correctly the others were the purple and green trios. I was excited to see the one trio I wanted since this was the only place I found them. My Walgreens didn't have the new trios which wasn't a surprise seeing as my Walgreens hardly ever gets the limited edition stuff, or if they do it doesn't last long. Luckily for me they did have all of the new Jordana stuff and I got the two things I was looking for.

First I'll start with the Wet n Wild trio I picked up. I got Enlisting for Beauty which has three neutral shades that are pretty much all matte. The eyelid shade is the only one that has somewhat on a sheen to it but when applied to the lid it's pretty much matte looking.

They are nicely pigmented colors.

 The mascara that came with the trio is a really wet formula and honestly is awful. The mascara doesn't hold a curl and it makes my lashes stick together. I thought about throwing it away but I thought of a genius way to use it! Right before I remove my makeup I take this mascara and heavily apply it to my lashes. The mascara re-wets the mascara I have on and makes it so much easier to remove that way I don't have to sit there and hold eye makeup remover on my lashes forever lol.

Very typical bristle wand. Doesn't help with separation.
Now onto the Jordana stuff I got from Walgreens. I ended up picking up the 12 hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil in Continuous Almond and the Twist & Shine in Honey Love. I initially went it just to get the eyeshadow pencil and just look at the other items. There was only one left of Honey Love (the one I wanted the most) and I almost left without it. I am so glad I got it though because it is now my favorite lip product I own! The color is gorgeous and the product is so smooth!

Left: Spread out Right: Swatched
Such a pretty pinky mauve color. 

I really like the way these three colors come together for a look. I don't own any eyeshadow that is similar to the eyelid color, so that is nice. The only other items I incorporated were Wet n Wild Brulee as my brow bone color and a black/brown shadow as liner on my upper lash line. I didn't use the mascara because like I said before, it's awful.

I am in love with this Jordana Twist & Shine in Honey Love. I'm glad I decided to get it. The formula is really nice and pigmented. I don't really notice the staining too much though. I definitely would purchase more colors in the future.

That's all for this post. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great day!