Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 2014 Ipsy - Fresh Picks

 Today I am going to share what I received in my May 2014 Ipsy bag. This month was a lot of skin and hair care. I really prefer to get makeup in my Ipsy bag so I wasn't so excited about this bag. I love the actual bag this month. I am happy to see something really different.

 The first item I received was the Pur-lisse Hydra-Balance moisturizer. It's sort of a thicker formula but it blends into the skin really well. I'm not sure I like this any better than other moisturizers I have tried. It's always nice to try a new moisturizer though because you never know when I'll find the next best thing for me skin.

Sample size: 0.5 oz, value: ~$18 | Full size: 1.7 oz, price: $55

 The second item I received was the Olive Lips Refreshing Rosemary lip balm. I wasn't very excited to get another lip balm. I already have about 20 (no joke) so I will never get through more. It has an okay scent but nothing great and it's okay at moisturizing my lips.

Full size price $5.95

 The third item I received was the Pacifica eyeshadow duo 2. These colors look alright in the pan and they swatch okay onto the finger. They aren't creamy and nice like higher end shadows but what can you expect.

Sample size: 0.07 oz, value: ~$3-5

 The shadows don't swatch very well at all. I have yet to try them on my lids but I have a feeling they will not be very good. These would probably be best suited for someone who is new to makeup or likes a sheer wash of color.

 The fourth item I received was the Avene Thermal Spring water. I wasn't sure what I would think of this product when I first saw it in my glam room then when I got my bag and saw that it is literally just water I laughed. I had my husband try it and I asked him how it felt and he said "It feels like I have water on my face." I keep hearing people saying how much they are looking forward to using it or that they actually like it and I can't help but laugh at them. People can be so naive. If I want to spray water on my face I will just buy a $1 spray bottle and fill it with water.

Sample size: 1.76 oz, value ~$3 | Full size: 10.5 oz, price: $18

 Literally canned water. What a joke.I think people would spray canned air on their face if a fancy brand slapped their label on it, haha.

The fifth, and final, product I received was the Hand Ten SPF 50 sunscreen. I am not overly thrilled to get this but it will definitely be nice to use on my babies at the pool. The formula is really thin and when I first when to use it the product flew out all over my shirt lol.

Sample size: 1 oz, value: $2.17 | Full size: 6oz, price: $12.99

Overall, I am not too excited about my bag. I would just really prefer to get makeup from now on instead of all of the skin and hair care. The total value of my bag is approximately $32.12-$34.12 although I couldn't put a real value on the Pacifica eyeshadow duo because they were made for Ipsy. Hoping for a better bag next month filled with nothing but makeup! How did you like your Ipsy bag? Were you wanting more makeup or were you happy with the skin and hair care? Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!